Brawlers gang iconThe brawlers gang


The BRAWLERS rule the bunderground fighting rings with an iron paw, where bucks, bruisers n’ bigwigs go paw to paw across the floor hauling in big carrot.

When the dust settles, win or lose, the BRAWLERS always come out on top.

Their history spans the ages back to when dueling was with the sword rather bare paws, and taking on all comers, the BRAWLERS have outlasted them all.

So enter the ring at your own risk. Just know... if you're asked to take a dive just ask, “How far?”

Choppers gang iconThe choppers gang


The CHOPPERS run the chop shops where only the bounciest shocks, meatiest mufflers and most beastly engines will do to boost their array of showroom stoppers.

In this “Nose to Tail” business nothing goes to waste as his clan of champion CHOPPERS strip the carcasses clean of spare parts to sell on the black market.

But it’s the midnight races where all the hard work shines as these menacing machines growl, grunt n’ howl into the early hours of the morning.

Diggers gang iconThe diggers gang


The DIGGERS are in “Real Estate” but it’s not the top soil they’re in it for and it’s the Bunderworld they want all for themselves. .

With a literal stranglehold on the 6-feet-under industry, no one knocks on the pearly gates without first going through The DIGGERS.

And if you’re not careful, The DIGGERS will sell you a plot six feet deep that comes with a bonus box, pine to be exact.

It’s an, ah… dirty business but someone’s gotta do it and The DIGGERS do it the dirtiest and the best.